Deploying Go with GAE

A simple tutorial of deployment of Go application using GAE

Manato Kuroda
5 min readDec 6, 2019


I’ve introduced how to deploy the Go application using GKE and Spinnaker in another post. This post will show you how to deploy it with GAE on Standard.

GAE with Go

Example repo

You can view the example code at:

Set up Go app

First off, we prepare a very simple Go app just responding to Hello Go App!

Create a main.go :

Run it:

go run main.go

See it at http://localhost:8080:

Hello, Go App!

Set up Cloud SDK

To quickly start off GCP, we use SDK provided in Google.

Go to an install page and follow the instruction to set it up:

After installation, let’s initialize gcloud account:

gcloud init

After that, you can see the configuration list:

$ gcloud config list                                                           [core]
account =
disable_usage_reporting = TrueYour active configuration is: [default]

Make sure your account is activated:

$ gcloud auth list…